I Am Sort of a Plumber’s Helper

Of course I am really lucky because my uncle has a friend who is willing to let me help him for the summer. Usually they would not want someone who is going to be going back to the campus in a couple of months, but he is willing to let me do the dirty work. … [Read more…]

I Feel Safer with ADT

Drugs have become the new epidemic in our country. At first, I thought it was just young people making foolish decisions. It did not take long to find out that it is not just the youth who are making these bad choices. I have read where people older than me have been found dead from … [Read more…]

The Big Race is Almost Here

My family and I spent most of our life in New England. My husband was given the chance to move across the country for work and make a lot more money than he was making before. We decided that we would move to Indiana and live close to the race track where they have the … [Read more…]

Cheap Apartments in Newark Area

I am not feeling too great, which makes my current situation a bit more annoying than it would be otherwise. It’d still be annoying, but anyway, I am looking for a new apartment, because my lease is up in a few days and even though I had previously thought I would be signing a renewal … [Read more…]