I Am Sort of a Plumber’s Helper

Of course, I am really lucky because my uncle has a friend who is willing to let me help him for the summer. Usually, they would not want someone who is going to be going back to the campus in a couple of months, but he is willing to let me do the dirty work.

Today we did some work for a Hudson County drain unclogging company, although to be honest all we really did was go to this guy’s house and tell him that he was talking to the wrong people. The guy had water (not exactly, but that is a nicer word) coming out of the drain for his washing machine. That was in his basement, which was also where his drains left the house for the septic tank. Tom asked him how long it had been since he had had it emptied, but the guy did not seem to know what a septic tank was.

At any rate, if you have a clog that only happens near the septic tank like this one did, then that is where your septic tank is backed up. You need a guy with a truck to pump it out for you, so at any rate we just spent about half an hour doing this and then we went on a call to a house that really had a clog.

Luckily we could snake it out. You do not want to have to replace the pipes, it is really quite awful. Of course, it is a great job for me. Tom is paying me twice what I could make if I were washing dishes or doing the sorts of jobs that most college kids do in the summer. It is a big deal for me as I do not want to be broke when I go back to school.