Cheap Apartments in Newark Area

I am not feeling too great, which makes my current situation a bit more annoying than it would be otherwise. It’d still be annoying, but anyway, I am looking for a new apartment, because my lease is up in a few days and even though I had previously thought I would be signing a renewal to rent this apartment again, there has been a change in plans that is out of my hands. So instead, I am having to look for apartments in Newark DE right now when I would much prefer to be laying down and resting.

I have been sick to my stomach for the majority of the day, and I really do not know why. I know that it is really unpleasant though, and I wish that it would just go away. I have eaten an entire packet of tums, and it has not done a lot to help me with this situation. I ate a couple of them at first, and I thought I felt better. So I proceeded to eat a large plate of spaghetti, only to vomit all of it up not even an hour later. That was a bit unpleasant, to put it mildly.

Anyway, even though I don’t feel good, I should start searching for an apartment. I thought that I would stay here, because my roommate had previously said he’d like to renew the lease. However, he changed his mind and now he is going to be moving out and going to live with his parents again. It doesn’t make much sense to me, but I guess he wants to save money. Still, I am annoyed that it leaves me in this situation where I don’t have much time to find a new apartment to rent before my current lease expires.