Taking Care of Myself Through My Chiropractor

When I had an opportunity to advance in my career, I grabbed the chance. I did not care that it was going to take me halfway across the country since it meant I had to move to Phoenix. All I cared about was that I was moving up the ladder. It helps that I am single and wasn’t leaving behind any strong friendships or family. All of them are scattered, and this would actually put me closer to some of them. Once I moved, one of the first things I did was look for a chiropractor in Phoenix.

I don’t have back or neck problems, but that isn’t all that a chiropractor does. I know that a lot of people are surprised when they find out that I go to one, and they often ask how I got injured.

When I tell them I’ve never been injured, it’s actually comical to watch their faces at times. That look of confusion is a common one! Anyway, I go to a chiropractor because I like how I feel after having adjustments done. I have a pretty stressful job, and I used to carry all of that stress around with me.

My former boss is the one who got me hooked on chiropractic care. She told me that I had to take better care of myself because the stress was evident. She told me she gets regular adjustments, plus an added benefit is massage therapy if I chose that as well. I decided to go because she had never led me wrong before, and she didn’t that time either. I had no idea that stress could be relieved as easily as that, and I honestly did feel better right from the first visit. I have learned to take better care of myself since then, which always includes regular chiropractic visits.

Regular chiropractic procedures use techniques that manipulate your spine, often giving temporary relief to those who suffer from chronic neck and back pain, but upper cervical care does not use manipulation, rather it corrects the atlas. Dr Jack Lynady uses Chiropractic NUCCA techniques when adjusting your spine. This alleviates the spine from the pressure that manipulation methods have on your spine, allowing the body to balance out and heal naturally. It’s rather simple, when the weight of your head is balanced, the spine falls into place.