The Constant Presence of Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most unpleasant experiences. It can be a simple part of the aging process, something that most of us are going to have to cope with. Almost ironically, it’s the rising number of American’s that are suffering through back pain due to work related injuries and repetitive stress on the spine that has allowed us treat the pain. It may not be completely possible to ever rid ourselves of the pain due to age but with the right help from our San Jose Chiropractor we can learn both treat the pain while learning correct range of motion to mitigate it. For many back pain sufferers, the agony can be a near constant companion until it becomes so pervasive that to imagine life without the pain is a distant hope. When I finally sought out treatment for my own pain I could hardly believe that it was actually gone and its absence was strange enough to make me feel as if something was wrong.

To be able to go through the simple day to day activities without the pain as an unwanted side kick to accompany me has been a massive improvement to the quality of my life. The doubts that I once associated with their professional has been proven to be misguided. I had always hard that visits to the chiropractor were unpleasant and could even be dangerous to my health. Perhaps there is some truth to that but the techniques that were used to help ease the constant throbbing that I felt in my lower back were anything but invasive. A couple of electrodes were slapped near the areas of the pain and combined with some very simple, easy to do exercises it was anything but what I feared. Regular visits have brought the pain down to manageable levels allowing me to once more breathe freely and work without concern.