The Importance of Regular Cleanings

It is time for your dental cleaning and you are debating whether you should go. While your teeth might seem like a small, unimportant part of your body, they need to be taken well care of. You should see your dentist to have your teeth cleaned every six months. Here are a few reasons why regular dental cleaning is important.

Head Off Trouble

The dentist can remove plaque better than your toothbrush during a cleaning at the park slope family dentistry office. This substance is the white, grimy layer that accumulates on your teeth that creates cavities. There are areas in your mouth that are hard to reach and are often missed when you brush. These are the areas where decay can start. Once the cavity attacks a tooth, it works its way down until it attacks the bone underneath. When this happens, the tooth will fall out and cause further problems in your mouth such as infection.

Shiny Smile

Along with maintaining the health of your teeth, dental cleaning can whiten them by removing stains caused by food and drink. It also freshens your breath by eliminating the bacteria and other items that can make it smell foul.

Cut Costs

Regular dental cleaning can save you money in the long run. Most insurance companies completely cover cleaning. Since the dentist examines your teeth when you are there, he can alert you of any trouble that he sees. Also, when your teeth are cleaned professionally, the plaque is removed that causes tooth disease and decay preventing any other damage from being done. Doctors have also made the connection between dental health and some serious medical issues such as heart attacks. Having a cleaning every few months could cut back on the cost of hospital bills in the long run.