Why We Needed an Auto Accident Attorney

I had to hire a Sacramento auto accident attorney because of an accident that my husband was involved in last year. I have never liked motorcycles, but I did not object when my husband wanted to buy one a few years ago. I know that he is always careful in anything he does, so I knew he would wear a helmet and follow all the traffic laws. Doing that did not help him much though when a young driver attempted to pass a car in front of him and hit my husband head on.

The teen did not get hurt at all, but it was a completely different story for my husband. He was thrown nearly 40 feet and suffered extensive injuries. The teen who hit him fled the scene, but the police were able to find him quickly enough. He was the son of a very wealthy man, which meant they had access to powerful attorneys. I was not about to sit back and watch my husband suffer even more because a rich family felt they were entitled to not having to pay for their wrongdoings. My husband endured six surgeries, and he still may need some in the future.

I contacted the same attorney that helped my cousin’s friend get justice as well as compensation. I knew that he had to fight hard to win that case, so I felt confident that he would be able to help us too. It was nearly comical when the teen’s family’s lawyers stopped trying to intimidate us once they realized who was representing us. Our attorney was able to get us the justice that my husband deserved, and we were also able to get compensation for the missed work and medical bills that we are still experiencing. I am just thankful that it was taken care of so we can work on getting my husband back to good health!


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